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                       Our  products :


 Termike-K       Termike-R        Termike-KR  

Termike-K is a very low             Termike-R is water based          Termike-KR is water based       

thermal conductivity                   one part coating with high           one part coating exclusively     

water based one part                  reflectance index of the              designed for thermal insulating  

coating exclusively                    infrared radiation.Especially      and anticondensation protection

designed for thermal                 designed for interior thermal      of interior walls and pipes with    

insulating with topcoat               insulating Termike System        cold and warm water.                    

Termike-R for interior                together with prime coat                                                                      

and exterior walls and               Termike-K.Reflects heat                                                                       

pipes.                                           while providing a moisture                                                                 

                                                      resistant barrier to virtually                                                                   

                                                      any type of surface.                                                                              




Any questions concerning order placement, shipping or technical aspects of our products may by e-mailed to our factory.          












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